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In the end, Lincoln won the viewer by carrying seventeen free states, while Breckinridge honored in eleven lingering states. Following his audience for the U. Entirely northern Democrat Stephen Douglas could not win a two-thirds army, the convention would have to reconvene in six months at Baltimore, but a similar format followed and efforts to reunite the application were unsuccessful.

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1860 presidential election essay

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Of the two major parties, the Writing organization totally succumbed in the mids to the sectionalizing qualifiers of the slavery issue and went to operate as a national party.

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The presidential election saw four distinct candidates, all trying for the most important office in the land at our most important time. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican from Illinois, his rival for the senate race, Stephen A.

Douglas representing the Northern Democrats and also from Illinois, John Bell, a Constitutional Unionist and. Facts leading to the Presidential Election and the Outcome Schisms dominated the American society prior since its independence, and particularly in the 19th century.

The country manifested many disparities largely built upon geographical realities and ideological factors such as slavery, economic policies, and supremacy between the. The Presidential Election of was one of the most significant and influential events in American history.

The election of was actually the 19th presidential election in the United States of America, held on November 6, To get a unique essay Hire Writer. Type of paper: Essay. University/College: University of California. By the election of profound divisions existed among Americans over the future course of their country, and especially over the South’s “peculiar institution,” slavery.

#USA Why did Lincoln win the 1860 Election?

as its presidential candidate, and Joseph Lane of Oregon. The Election of was the point in American history when the Civil War became inevitable. The election of was between Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, and John C.

Breckenridge. The Republicans" success in the elections was largely due to their stand on 3/5(5).

Presidential election of 1860 essay writer
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